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Re-marketing – Useful Marketing Tool or Cyber Stalking?

Re-marketing may eventually turn into talking as it is second chance marketing to the consumers. This means of marketing can annoy prospects and drive them away from your business altogether! Complaints will be made if it is over done or being too persistent. Businesses make the mistake of re-marketing to current customers. This can infuriate them and end contracts even. Customer retention software can be irritating to web-users. Seeing ads of the same thing constantly, is off-putting.  Banner advertising ticks a lot of people off when it appears at inconvenient locations on the page. People may accidentally click on this area and be swarmed by pop-up pages that are somewhat related to the current page you are browsing.

On the flip-side, careful re-targeting is good as that often reminds people of something they was looking at but had forgotten where to find it. This doesn’t take much to slip over into hassling. Having said that, if the timing is right and the message is relevant, then people are more than happy to consider the offer. The problem with tagging is that it doesn’t actually tell you either of these things. Ensuring customers who purchased do not see the same products they just bought is vital for brand experience. Linking advertising with the content individuals are browsing is highly important if advertisers want to make the most of ROI.

All in all, businesses want to make the most of revenue and maximizes profits. People tend not to complain so these problems are difficult to tackle. I feel they can take the risk in carrying out these methods of advertising. It’s not illegal. Like I mentioned before, businesses want clients and not to push them away. This form of advertising may change as the digital marketing is changing over the years.

This link directs you to an article seeing the effectiveness of re-marketing in combination with Google Analytics. The author of the passage is a co-founder of a marketing consultancy group. He outlines four steps to follow while using analytics. These steps can convert leads into clients : http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2290621/remarketing-with-google-analytics-5-simple-recipes-to-get-you-started

Here is an tutorial on remarketing service. Sam who is a marketing director takes you through the potential site visitors and the statistics on the web. She also goes through ways to convert customers and set-up E-Commerce platforms:

Snapchat…Just a Fad?

Snapchat Data Gets Hacked

Giddy, Photo. “Snapchat Data Gets Hacked.” 3 January 2014. Online image. Flickr . (Last accessed 2 April 2014).

Original Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12905355@N05/

I personally don’t see it as a fad as it is a simple to use. It will have a long life span. Yes, people do get sick of their friends seeing the same pictures all of the time.  I like the fact when people choose to send me a snapchat of their image to me. It’s thoughtful and a personal way to engage with one another. With thanks to this app, an in-person conversation. Regardless of why people are using Snapchat, users love it, and its user base is growing daily. It definitely is more fun than sending normal texts. It compiles who your best friends are, determined by who you snap with the most and keeps track of your high score, which is the total number of snapchats you’ve sent. Snapchat is lots of fun. At first I  didn’t really understand the point of the application but it becomes more entertaining and fun and the developers will make it more complex and add more features.

Snapchat really promotes the “selfie”. The application makes communication a lot more human and natural. It at least is worth it to download. It’s basically turning into a small social networking site. The good thing is that the files you send are quick to end. There is real value in sharing moments that don’t last forever. Snapchat creates a sense of privacy through the disappearing nature of the content. Businesses are now using this app to make the most of marketing. They request customers to send them pictures to enter competitions. It can be viewed as revolutionary. The character limitation forces creativity on what to say to a group or individual and makes it interesting for the person who is sending and also receiving the picture.

I feel it is here to stay until improvements are made.

The video link below directs you to an overview on Snapchat. The girl in the video sees it as a great marketing opportunity for recruiting  brand advocates. She sees Snapchat as special and empowering for individuals. She also mentions the various sharing actions that you can do. So it shouldn’t be shrugged off.

Here is an article that has snippets of tweets by several people. The people who tweet in this instance give their views on Snapchat. There are statistics in the reading too.  The author of the article is a former PhD student studying social media so it is well worth a look at.

: http://socialmediatoday.com/suzimcc/1576316/snapchat-fad-or-next-big-thing-notes-our-smtnews-tweetchat

Why Businesess Should Blog

blogging for business


Singh, Honey. “Blogging For Business.” No date. Online image. Flickr. (Last accessed 23 Mar 2014)

Original Picture:https://www.flickr.com/photos/honeytech


Blogs were originally conceived as web-based interactive journals for teens, but businesses have been discovering they?re an easy to use and affordable tool for interacting with customers.  For b-to-b companies, blogs are solving a big problem: bridging the feedback loops between end customers and channels. A blog allows more people in the loop. Blogs are easy to set up and maintain, and some are free. You could start a blog tomorrow.

Blogs can deliver instant feedback & go viral

Most blogs allow readers to respond to your posts with real-time feedback. Readers may point out new or existing problems or solutions. A blog can reveal a small problem before it sprouts into a bigger one. Blogs facilitate the spread of buzz. Honest, informative and thought-provoking posts tend to be spread often.

Blogs allow you to have simultaneous conversations with customers

It’s more than you could ever do in person and hones “Word of mouth marketing” . Exposure is a key to growing your business. It’s a cost-effective marketing and advertising alternative. Social media marketing shouldn’t cost a small business nearly as much as traditional advertising. If you do it yourself, it might not cost a much. However, it will cost you time. Depending how much your time is worth, it might be worthwhile to hire someone to help with the social media marketing. All in all, social media marketing is just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising. It drives traffic to your website. If someone reads your post, they will be exposed to the rest of your website (if the blog is embedded) or at least a link to your website (eg: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger etc.) . SEO (search engine optimisation). The more content you have on your website, the better when it comes to SEO (if you do it right, that is). Use buzzwords, images and popular topics to your advantage. You’ll be surprised at how you can spin current trends to relate to your business, within reason of course.

The author of this article explains his views on why companies should blog. Its’ a concise summary and is straight to the point. I feel his last point is brilliant. He says that blogging is inspiring and I believe this too.


Susan Grey takes viewers through on studying about why you should blog for your business. She draws comparisons between blogs and newsfeeds. She mentions how Google like blogs and highlight them in the search engines.

Two reviews of blog posts by Jeff Bullas and Neil Patel on the importance of blogging regularly and some tips to successful blogging. He also take us through interesting stats.



5 Tips to Follow When Setting up a Facebook Page

—FB Tips

1. Customise Your URL

Customizing your Facebook Page URL is essential. Your brand also doesn’t seem as legitimate without a customized URL and will look “dirty” and unprofessional. Users will possibly not explore your webpage if this is the case.

2. Have a Professional Username

The username is the Web address of your page. You will have to update your links on all your other sites. Also, you are allowed to change it only once, so be careful when choosing the name. If you’re setting up a new page, you must have at least 25 likes before you can use a unique username.

3. Complete Basic Information

Next, you need to write your ‘About’ information. This small blurb will serve as the main 2-3 sentence description for your company. It will be on your main page, so make it descriptive but succinct. Be sure to include a link to your company website as well. Also ensure that this information differentiates your brand, making your page even more appealing to potential followers.

4. Fill the Page With Content

With the introduction of Timeline came the introduction of your best visual real estate on your business page: the cover photo. When posting on your page, be sure to use a variety of content. What images would your audience like to see? What stats would they like to read? What links would they like to click? You can also click the little star to the upper right of any post to highlight it horizontally across your entire page.

5. Post Regularly

Posting at random or not regularly enough can leave a negative impression on your page visitors and affect your reach. Also, posting too frequently can have an adverse effect on your Page engagement. Find your rhythm by testing your frequency and watching your numbers to optimize engagement. Creating a Content calendar can help you stay on track and makes the process easier to manage.

I personally would have never considered the value and importance of having a “clean” URL. I would have previously felt that it would not have even mattered at all! Such a simple matter has a great importance because it can be easily rectified and cleared up to avoid disinterest in people exploring the web-link.

The below link highlights on what creating a Facebook page is good for. It differentiates for the different types of pages. The link also informs on how you can easily edit a page continuously.

How to create an Official Facebook page effectively set up a Facebook page:

This is a link to a tweet that will refer you to a Facebook link for creating a Facebook page. In the webpage it stresses the importance to make your fans of the page on Facebook diverge people to your website. It is noted that creating a conversation is key for interaction and knowing your customers needs and wants. It’s an engaging piece whereby it is straight to the point.



facebook logo

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Blogging Begins


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Blogging is simple

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